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Harmonious Reishi O – Reishi Spore Oil

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Harmonise your mind, energy, and spirit with the Harmonious Reishi-O premium wellness tonic.

The Power of Reishi Spore Oil

In the heart of China, the Reishi mushroom has earned its title as the queen of mushrooms, revered for its wellness benefits. This ancient tonic, often dubbed the mushroom of immortality, promises not just longevity but a renewed zest for life.

Unveiling the Pure Essence of Reishi

Dive deep into the heart of the Reishi with our Harmonious Reishi-O. Extracted from the mushroom’s most prized component, its spores, this tonic contains a concentrated blend of potent molecules including terpenoids, polysaccharides, and peptidoglycans. With every drop, experience a natural boost in energy, enhanced mood, supported immune system, and a rhythmic sleep cycle.

From Spore to Soothing Elixir

Our Harmonious Reishi-O undergoes a meticulous 6-step extraction process, ensuring that you’re getting 70 times the potency of standard Reishi powder. The result? A 100% spore oil elixir that soothes the nervous system, promoting a relaxed state. Overcome daily challenges of stress and fatigue, as this magical elixir prepares you to seize the day with vigour.

30ml (60 Serves) 100% Organic Reishi Spore Oil

How we extract our Harmonious Reishi-O?

(1) First the Reishi spores are harvested in line with Di Dao methodology and cleaned for purity.
(2) The walls of the Reishi spore are broken (cracked) to obtain the spore powder inside.
(3) The spore powder is then prepared into particles through a granulator by adopting a dry pressing method.
(4) Particles are then places into a supercritical CO2 extraction kettle for mining;
(5) Throughout the extraction process the Reishi spore oil becomes isolated within the extraction mix.
(6) The final step is a process of rectification & separation, allowing us to finally obtain our precious Harmonious Reishi-O.




100% Reishi Spore Oil (>25% Terpenoids) – 0.5 ml per serve (15 drops)



  • Deep Sleep
  • Better Sleep Cycle
  • Destress
  • Healthy immune system response.
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Enhance Stress Response



Start with 10–15 drops daily under your tongue. If preferred, you can mix in coffee, tea, smoothies, or meals.



Keep bag sealed at all times, protect contents from moisture.

Please store your Mush Mush Blend in a cool, dry place to preserve freshness.

If you are allergic to mushrooms DO NOT CONSUME.

If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, on medication or have any pre-existing medical conditions please seek advice from your health care professional prior to consumption.

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17 reviews for Harmonious Reishi O – Reishi Spore Oil

  1. d6coffee

    Since using MushMush spore oil I have found big improvement in my sleep and anxiety, feeling super clear in the mornings and having really smooth days without stress or anxiety! Thank you MushMush I’ll be back for more!

  2. donatelo0483

    I have been using the spore oil for about a month, and I can notice a significant improvement in my sleep and energy level. I never wake up so refreshed and energetic. after trying many other products for my sleeping problem,I can say that this product works!

  3. alison

    Absolutely love this product! I have struggled with sleep issues for many years & had to resort to prescription medications to help. Since discovering Reishi-O I am completely off my medicine & sleeping so soundly. Highly recommend this product!

  4. Lil

    I love Reishi O! It has helped so much with my anxiety. I have also noticed a huge improvement in my ability to fall asleep & I wake up feeling incredibly well rested after a deep sleep!

  5. Teresa

    I noticed benefits in the first week of starting Reishi-o oil daily. My anxiety has became less, I am not waking up 5-6 times a night anymore and my overall energy and focus throughout the day has improved so much! Normally around 3pm everyday I would feel sluggish and need a coffee hit or sugar hit and since taking it daily I feel the same energy and focus from the morning!
    I highly recommend anyone wanting to boost their health, energy and immunity to get on to this oil!

  6. Ursula Genesi (verified owner)

    I have been using this product for 3 months now. Much improved sleep. I wake up feeling refreshed. A big deal for all girls going through menapause like myself. Mush more peace and calm in my life.

    • mushadmin (verified owner)

      Thank you Ursula for the feedback!
      We are so happy to hear you feeling refreshed with Harmonious Reishi O

  7. Emma

    Way more effective and way cheaper than my CBD oil

  8. Antoine Genesi

    I have struggled to fall asleep for years. From blue-light blocking glasses, to sleep sprays on my pillow, to cabbage tea, I’ve tried almost all the commercial AND home remedies for falling asleep.
    NONE of them worked as well as Reishi Oil did!
    I have such a deep sleep and have stopped waking up during the night. I dont even take my prescribed Melatonin Tablets anymore!
    Thank you MushMush!!

  9. Yonathan gotlib

    I’m using those mushrooms for over 5 month now and oh boy , it’s just amazing .
    It help me overcome anxiety and stress I developed since the pandemic started , I sleep amazing and waking up clear and fresh .. my eyes are so clear and white and overall I just feel amazing .
    Highly recommended to everyone

  10. Layce

    Since discovering the Reishi-O pure oil a month ago, I have noticed a significant difference in my moods and sleep. The constant rollercoaster of daily anxiety has been balanced and I can focus on tasks at hand, leaving me with more time in the day to relax, laugh, and smile. Do yourself a favour and try this incredible product. A few drops of happiness a day.

  11. Karlee (verified owner)

    A wonder oil!
    Feeling a lot more zen and balanced overall, would definitely recommend.

  12. Ann Van Leerdam (verified owner)

    A friend gave me a sample of the mushroom spore oil because I was looking for some support for my body – brain, gut and hormones.
    I didn’t expect the big impact it would have on my well-being!
    It supports my brain to be calm and focused. It supports me to transition from event to event calmly and most of all helps with emotional regulation.
    I tell everyone about it.

  13. Rebecca F (verified owner)

    I’ve been using Harmonious Reishi Spore Oil for a few months now (onto my third bottle and about to order another!). I have a chronic illness that has made me virtually bedbound, and the spore oil has helped tremendously with my sleep and pain. I take it before bed, and if I wake up in the middle of the night, I’ll take a few more drops, and it helps get me back to sleep. I know it has immune-modulating benefits too, so I know it’s helping calm my very frazzled immune system. I also love taking it before meditation or breathwork; it soothes the nervous system and helps me get more into my practice. I’ve recommended it to everyone!

  14. Amanda Watkins

    This stuff is amazing! After just two weeks my sleep quality has improved immensely, I feel energised and refreshed when I get up in the morning and for the first time in a long time my mood and energy levels are actually balanced throughout the day.
    I honestly feel like a new person! I can’t recommend this highly enough to everyone

  15. Nate Sim

    Within 4 sleeps of taking these drops i noticed a massive increase in my sleep quality in particular my REM. I would normally wake up at least 5 times a night & now no more than twice. My energy & mood have also increased after waking up which sets me up for the day better.
    Can’t express how great this product is.

    • mushadmin (verified owner)

      Thank you so MUSH for the feedback Nate!
      We are amazed by the power of the Reishi spores everyday, and are so thrilled
      to hear about your experience!

      Mush Love,

  16. Josh (verified owner)

    Worth every cent! I generally don’t sleep as much as I should and have a lot of social anxiety. I take this before bed and I sleep like never before. I’m also dreaming a lot more.
    Whenever I have a big social event I’ll take it beforehand too and it really calms me down ^^,

  17. Jade Z

    I struggle getting to sleep sometimes because of my anxiety and have found that taking various medications over the years has stopped my dreams. From the very first night putting reishi oil on my tongue before bed, my dreams were back again!! So amazing

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