Welcome To The Mush Mush world


Hi, we’re Ali & Daniel, the founders of Mush Mush.

We are both deeply passionate about functional mushrooms because of the positive impact they have had on our lives. On our journey with medicinal mushrooms, we have been lucky enough to create a strong bond with our growers and source mushrooms of the highest quality, and we want you to feel the difference for yourself. We are so excited to share our curated range of mushroom super blends for targeting a variety of the most common health concerns (including concerns we had for ourselves!)

Thank you for your interest in our Mush Mush Mission.

Mush Love,
Ali and Daniel


Our Mush Mush mission is simple. We want to spread awareness about the healing power of functional mushrooms through education. We want to provide an efficient and effective solution for a range of common health concerns through our uniquely curated collection of mushroom super blends and other innovative products.

A core part of our vision at Mush Mush are the principles that form our business backbone:

with an emphasis on finding the fun in taking care of yourself.

We are here to educate people around the world who may not be familiar with the fantastic world of functional fungi, and to provide a one-stop-shop for top quality mushroom products.