About Our Mushrooms

At Mush Mush, we’re committed to sourcing our mushrooms using the Di Dao method, meaning we grow and source our functional mushrooms in their spiritual and native homelands.

This special concept in mushroom herbalism ensures that Di Dao functional mushrooms retain their full potency and are used for their intended purpose.

By growing our mushrooms using the Di Dao method, we’re able to preserve traditional cultivation processes and work closely with our growers to guarantee that the environment our mushies are grown in is

This allows our mushrooms to absorb the right amount of energy from their surroundings and deliver their intended spiritual benefits to your body.

Our mushrooms are 100% organic. They are grown in a pure environment which is clear of mould, yeast and pesticides which can be absorbed by the mycelium and digested by the mushrooms.

Our mushrooms are either 100% wild or semi-wild cultivated and grown on their matching symbiotic wood.

Functional mushrooms must be grown on their matching
symbiotic wood because this is where they naturally derive their nutrients and active compounds.

When mushrooms are grown on their special ‘wood-mate’, they absorb unique nutrients from the wood and develop a complex web of beneficial compounds, such as polysaccharides and
triterpenoids, that are not found in other environments.

These compounds are what make functional mushrooms truly “functional” and are responsible for the positive impact on overall health and wellness.

Functional mushroom extracts crafted from 100% fruiting body are considered superior to those made from mycelium because fruiting bodies contain a higher
concentration of the beneficial compounds that make functional mushrooms so potent and effective.

Mycelium, on the other hand, is the vegetative part of the fungus and lacks many of the
active compounds that are found in the fruiting body.

Mycelium is also often grown on grain or other substrates, which can dilute the potency of the extract and introduce unwanted substances.

Our Mush Mush blends use nothing but 100% fruiting body powder which has been dual extracted for potency and quality.

We don’t use any fillers or bulk our products with mycelium, so you can be
sure you are con-shrooming the best!

To get the most out of functional mushroom extracts, it’s essential
that they contain at least 30% beta-d-glucan, a bioactive compound that provides a host of health benefits.

This compound is responsible for stimulating the immune system, reducing inflammation, and protecting against oxidative stress. The higher the beta-d-glucan content, the more potent the
extract will be.

All our superblends contain >30% beta-d-glucan – the most potent percentage on the
market – allowing you to tap into maximum health benefits.

We lab test our products in Australia for quality, purity, and potency. We do this to guarantee that our mushrooms are free from harmful contaminants and are
consistent in their active compound levels every single time.
Mush Mush products are 100% safe for consumption and are sanitarily packaged in Australia in compliance with regulations and quality